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High Pressure Water Pump Inspections

Includes disassembly of the water pump and analysis of all parts. We provide written reports on all the parts and diagnose the problem and identify the solution from simple part replacement to complete rebuilds to offering refurbished or new pumps as an alternative. Our goal is to get you up and running as soon as possible for the most efficient cost. 

image of Danfoss PAHT and PAHT G pump parts

High Pressure Water Pump Testing

Our facility is equipped with a complete high pressure water test stand. We are capable of testing flows between 3 gallons per minute up to 100 gallons per minute with outlet pressures up to 2,500 psi. We test every pump before it leaves our shop to ensure that it meets OEM standards and flow rates. Our pump testing capabilities allow us to deliver quality products that are guaranteed to work under the operating conditions at your plant or facility. 

Danfoss PAHT and PAHT G pump parts

High Pressure Water Pump Repair and Rebuilds

We have a full service shop capable of rebuilding entire high pressure water pumps with state of the art equipment. Our shop employees have been factory trained and OEM certified for all repairs and rebuilds. Our technicians troubleshoot the most difficult situations allowing the customer to understand the cause of the pump failure and providing feedback to help mitigate future causes of failures. 

Pump Parts

We have a full line of Danfoss PAHT and PAHT G pump parts for PAHT 20-32 series, PAHT 50-90 Series and PAHT 256-308 series. Items typically in stock include –

Danfoss PAHT G 20-32

Screw and Seal Kit

Danfoss PAHT G 20-32

Cylinder Barrel Kit

Danfoss PAHT G 20-32

Piston Kit

Danfoss PAHT G 20-32

Valve Plate Kit

Danfoss PAHT G 25

Swash Plate Kit

Danfoss PAHT G 32

Swash Plate Kit

Danfoss PAHT G 50-90

Cylinder barrel kit

Danfoss PAHT G 50-70

Valve plate kit

Danfoss PAHT G 50-90

Screw and seal kit

Danfoss PAHT G 50-90

Piston kit

Danfoss PAHT G 80-90

Valve plate kit

Danfoss PAHT G 63

Swash plate kit

Danfoss PAHT G 70

Swash plate kit

Danfoss PAHT G 80

Swash plate kit

Danfoss PAHT G 90

Swash plate kit

Danfoss PAHT pumps are known for low pulsations, long service life and a compact design. Lubrication is completely provided by the water itself. Danfoss PAHT G pumps are specialized to meet the needs of the gas turbine market.

We also supply parts for Danfoss APP Series pumps for desalination. Please inquire how we can help you locate the part you need.

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About HYDROPURE Services

HYDROPURE Services is one of the leading providers of repair and service for high pressure water pumps in North America.  Pumps wear out and fail…it’s what they do.  We are here to provide solutions when that happens.  We provide a full suite of service and repairs.

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