High pressure water pumps don’t last forever. These pumps can begin to wear down and fail over time, which can lead to a big decision on whether it’s time to repair or replace a pump.

While pump failure can happen, it’s important to try and diagnose any issues before a pump fails completely. Here are some signs that will help you realize that your high pressure water pumps are showing serious signs of wear.

Loss of Flow/Drop in Pressure

One telltale sign that your pumps are on the path to failure is a big drop in flow or pressure. Both of these issues are in relationship to each other, as a drop in pressure can lead to a loss in flow and vice versa.

Fortunately, this sign is easy to notice as most pumps at this time are controlled by computers with sensors that will monitor pressure, flow, or both. If a loss of flow or drop in pressure is detected, these controls will be able to notify you that you have an issue somewhere with your pumps.

High pressure, on the other hand, is not a sign of pump failure, but a sign of a system issue. High pressure can destroy the pump, so this is also a situation where you’ll need to identify the issue within the system to drop the pressure to a normal level.

Excessive Vibration

Like a drop in pressure or loss of flow, vibration is another sign of potential pump failure that’s fairly easy to identify. However, you won’t need a system to detect this issue.

High pressure water pumps run smoothly in normal conditions. Excessive vibration is going to make excessive noise and shake violently, like how a washing machine will rumble when it has an issue. The change in vibration should be easy to notice and your computer system should shut it down before it gets too far, but it won’t always notice it right away.

What to Do

Whether you’re dealing with a drop in pressure, loss of flow, or vibration, there’s an issue with your pump. Once you’ve identified the issue, you need to send the pump out for an inspection to see why there’s an issue and what can be done to fix it.

If you have a high pressure water pump showing signs of wear, HYDROPURE Services can help. As a leading provider of repair and services for high pressure water pumps, our experts can perform a high pressure water pump inspection and work with you to determine a solution that fits your needs and budget. Contact us today to talk to one of our experts about your pumps.