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Danfoss PAHT G 70

Danfoss PAHT G 70

Danfoss PAHT G high-pressure pumps are designed for ultra-pure water. PAHT G pumps are developed especially for various gas turbine applications, such as the reduction of NOx emissions in diesel engines, inlet fogging, and wet compression. Lubrication of the moving parts is provided by the water itself. PAHT pumps are the lightest and most compact pumps in the industry and can be installed horizontally or vertically.

They are powered by electric motors or combustion engines and are suitable for boosted inlet pressure and water supply from tank. There is no need for cooling circuits due to very high mechanical efficiency.

Features and Benefits

  • Zero risk of oil contamination thanks to the pump’s ultra-clean technology where no oil is needed
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to its efficient design and stainless steel construction. Service intervals up to 8,000 hours can be expected
  • Low energy costs due to its highly efficient axial piston design
  • Compact design. Easy installation
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ATEX certified (API available on request)


  • Adiabatic cooling systems
  • Dust suppression and odour control systems
  • Humidification industry
  • Fire suppression
  • Compressor wash
  • NOx-control in Diesel engines
  • High-pressure cleaning functions with DI/RO water

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Technical Specifications

Ambient temperature [°C] [Max] 50 °C
Ambient temperature [°C] [Min] 0 °C
Ambient temperature [°F] [Max] 122 °F
Ambient temperature [°F] [Min] 32 °F
Body material AISI 316
Country of origin Denmark
Description Pump for ultra pure water
Displacement [cm³/rev] 63 cm3/rev
Displacement [in³/rev] 3.84 in3/rev
Drain connection size (metric) M6
Drain connection standard Metric
Drain connection type Thread
Flow [gpm] [Max] 26.29 gal/min
Flow [gpm] [Min] 8.19 gal/min
Flow [l/min] [Max] 101.11 L/min
Flow [l/min] [Min] 31.48 L/min
Gross weight 42.2 Kg
Inlet connection size [in] 1 1/2 in
Inlet connection standard BSPP
Inlet connection type Thread
Inlet pressure [barg] [Max] 6 barg
Inlet pressure [barg] [Min] 0 barg
Inlet pressure [psig] [Max] 87 psig
Inlet pressure [psig] [Min] 0 psig
Inlet pressure peak [barg] [Max] 20 barg
Inlet pressure peak [psig] [Max] 290 psig
Media temperature [°C] [Max] 50 °C
Media temperature [°C] [Min] 2 °C
Media temperature [°F] [Max] 122 °F
Media temperature [°F] [Min] 36 °F
Net weight 35.5 Kg
Outlet connection size [in] 1 in
Outlet connection standard BSPP
Outlet connection type Thread
Outlet pressure [barg] [Max] 160 barg
Outlet pressure [barg] [Min] 30 barg
Outlet pressure [psig] [Max] 2320 psig
Outlet pressure [psig] [Min] 435 psig
Product group Pump
Seal Material NBR
Serviceable Yes
Sound pressure level [dB(A)] 86 dBA
Speed continuous[rpm] [Min] 1000 rpm
Speed [rpm] [Max] 1800 rpm
Speed [rpm] [Min] 700 rpm
Type PAHT G 63

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